Team BDN


"Eye to detail"
"A chain is as strong as the weakest link in it"

These two statements are as true in day to day human life as they are applicable in the daily life of a horse. Imagine us walking down the street with one shoe on, let alone run. Or having a stomach ache and a rash as result of having taken the food we are allergic to. Wearing a shirt or a coat that is just too tight and rubs under your armpits etc.......
We would be very uncomfortable to say the least, try to imagine what a horse would feel.....

So with that in mind we at TEAM BDN have surrounded ourselves we experts to ensure that our/your horses are getting the best "overall" balanced attention and support.

It is with great pride and joy that TEAM BDN introduces the "players" that make up the TEAM ensuring that we can achieve the above time after time.

Michiel Speklê


Michiel has been looking after Bo Lou her horses since the day she arrived in The Netherlands. His commitment, he travels from Groningen to Venlo every time, and his patience with both the horses and Bo Lou's demands are commanding respect.

Michiel and Bo Lou share the vision that just good is not good enough, either you do it right or you don't do it all. (This by the way is a frequently heard slogan around the TEAM BDN stables).

Heleen Hammink


Heleen's profession and skill set is, unfortunately, still not as well acknowledged as being as beneficial for horses as it is for human beings. Bo Lou has found that the horses under her quite intense training regime perform a lot better when their back and chest are aligned properly, with their legs. And the horses like this added attention as well.

Ninon Schutte


Ninon has fitted many saddles for Bo Lou, on a number of different horses. With the variety of breed's TEAM BDN is working with from KWPN to the Baroque horses, Ninon's expertise and input has proven to be very valuable. The saddles fitted by Ninon have given that bit of extra contact and comfort with and to the horses, resulting in a better overall performance.

Jan Jonas


Jan is a well known expert in the field of dietary and supplement requirements for horses. Bo Lou and Jan met for the first time only 12 months ago, and Bo Lou soon found out what an important influence adjusting a horse's diet can make. Jan and Bo Lou now discuss and plan the dietary requirements, for new horses that come into the stables and evaluate the horses that are already in training and competing, on a very regular interval. And the results are showing.

Jan Merkt

Head Veterinarian for Team BDN

Guiding us in our pre purchase and pre sales vet checks and any other veterinary advise.