Team BDN

Team BDN


BDN BV was created by the Nolten Family driven by the enthusiasm and believe in Bo Lou. The commitment was made to support the formation and establishment of the brand:


Based around the motto:    Together

Now almost 2 Years into the venture, the results are more than satisfying.
The horses are growing into their role, as key players, developing into top level performers.

TEAM BDN, under the charismatic drive of Bo Lou, took on the "challenge" of helping and assisting a paralympian rider who reached out for help in early 2016. One of the pristine stallions of BDN was made available for training and competing in the qualification rounds leading up to Rio'16.

A junior rider competing at high-level in the pony competition is being encouraged and where necessary supported by the caring assistance that TEAM BDN has set as a standard. Leading to some very encouraging results for both horse and rider. (much to the liking of THE TEAM)

TEAM BDN is even extending this support to, young people from International heritage. It will not come as a surprise, for those who know where Bo Lou grew up, that these girls are coming from a Country referred to as "Down Under" being Australia. They are given the opportunity, to learn and train at the BDN stables, for a fixed period of time. Learn what it is to participate in the "high-level" of competition in our so densely populated horse loving/caring nation of The Netherlands and sometimes even beyond the border.

TEAM BDN is about caring and giving, whilst trying to achieve the best possible results for its own rider(s) and horses. The aim is to become a very respectable market-leader in a so competitive market/ environment. Excelling in not only quality but also in integrity, honesty and service for all the customers they will touch. Compromising is a word that does not exist for TEAM BDN.

Team members

Walter Nolten Business Coach
Chris Nolten Team Manager
Michel Speklê Blacksmith
Ivonka Dopieralski Photographer
Ninon Schutte Saddlefitter
Britta Rasche Trainer
Heleen Hammink Chiropractor
Emmelie Scholtens     Trainer
Jan Jonas Dietician
Jordan Evans Trainee/rider
Javais Ham Trainee

Partners of TEAM BDN

Nebim Groep