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To give You access to an unprecedented experience, that will assist You in making Your dream come true. Whether you are looking for a dressage- , jumping- or sports horse:

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Bo Lou spent some of her learning time at Matty Marissink Stables. Under the expertise of well-known 35 Year veteran in the International Horse Industry Matty Marrissink's Stables sold more than 40 Grand Prix winners competing at Olympic level, World cup level, the Asian games, Latin American Games.

Bo Lou has successfully assisted/mediated for Australian, New Zealand and English speaking customers, in finding a suitable horse at the right quality/price. Whilst being on the ground in the Netherlands, she has easy access to Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK to inspect and evaluate horses that might be of interest.

The TEAM's service will allow you to view Video Footage and Photo's accompanied by an extensive report on the horse(s), performance and health/condition, that you are interested in. So that when you decide to make the trip to Europe, you can be assured that the line-up of horses you want to inspect will not only meet your criteria but more so your expectations.

At our stables we have room for a number of horses that can be taken in for training.

The TEAM BDN services are not limited to overseas customers, we will be more than happy to assist local and European horse enthusiasts with finding a suitable ride.

All can be tailor-made to the customers wish, this to fulfil our promise to You